Peterborough Wins 10th Annual Canadian Family Teacher Award

Sylvie Copland Receives $2,500 for School Programming and Supplies

August 15, 2016 (TORONTO) – St. Catherine Catholic Elementary School’s Sylvie Copland has won $2,500 for school programming and supplies in the 10th Annual Canadian Family Teacher Awards, courtesy of program sponsor Johnson Inc.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Teacher Awards continue to recognize outstanding elementary and secondary school educators from across Canada. This past March, welcomed nominations from Canadians who wished to recognize educators in their communities worthy of the prize. Subsequently, the best were selected via a panel of education experts where 12 finalists were shortlisted and an online vote determined the top three winners.

Accumulating over 327,500 votes in one month, the Teacher Awards exemplify the power of communities coming together. During this voting period, the St. Catherine Catholic Elementary School teacher received more than 62,000 votes. The two other winning nominees include Amy Nye, a Grade 3/4 teacher, and Karen Sveinson, a Grade 6 to 8 teacher, both based in Red Deer, Alberta.

A 26-year veteran educator, Copland was recognized for her kind and loving nature. Her teaching philosophy focuses on encouraging her students to take risks, be charitable, and to love and respect all. Her caring nature is also demonstrated through her annual fundraisers where she raises awareness and foreign aid funds for children threatened by malaria.

“Johnson Inc. sends huge congratulations to the Canadian Family Teacher Award winners as well as to the finalists; their accomplishments and all they do for their students every day are truly heartwarming,” says Joann Fitzgerald, Marketing with Johnson Inc. “We take great pride in supporting this wonderful program which continues to honour outstanding educators across Canada.”

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