Are you a big film buff? Do you have a fantastic idea for a movie? Have you always thought you could write the next big blockbuster? If so, this is the class for you! Join screenwriter Carley Smale once a week as she teaches an 11-week evening course on how to craft a feature length screenplay.
You will learn formatting, character development, structure, plot points, how to write a query letter to an agent, how to pitch, and, most importantly, how to write! Each student will complete the First Act of their very own original movie script! It’s $250 for the 11 weeks starting on Wednesday January 10th OR Thursday January 11th. Each class will take place weekly at Sadlier House on George Street on either Wednesday or Thursday night (Your choice!).
If you would like to sign up please email Carley:

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Carley Smale was the screenwriter for “Snowed-Inn Christmas”