Ptbo Pulse

Pulse is a vibrant, playful, and active car-free corridor along George St. through the heart of downtown Peterborough. July 16, 2016

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How to Participate at Peterborough Pulse

There are no cars on the street, and we welcome you to enjoy your public space in a brand new way. Peterborough Pulse will be the city’s first Open Streets event. Open Streets temporarily transform our largest public space – our streets – into a paved park. Streets once filled with cars instead fill with families pushing strollers, dog-walkers, cyclists and rollerskaters, art installations and more.

Open Streets are created by the community, for the community. Peterborough Pulse invites you to explore the streets and try new things, such as zumba, hula-hooping, chalk art, and folk dancing. Pop-up installations, such as sidewalk patios, buffered bike lanes, and art sculptures help the community imagine the possibilities for Peterborough’s public spaces.

Open Streets is a global initiative has been sweeping North America for over 40 years as a way to promote physical activity, healthy lifestyles and livable cities. In 2014, 100+ initiatives were organized in cities, including Hamilton, Waterloo, Ottawa, Toronto, and Thunder Bay.

Walking at Pulse

All pedestrians of all ages are encouraged to enjoy Pulse. If you’re in the street, stay to the right with other slower paced traffic to avoid creating a safety hazard for yourself and for the faster moving bicyclists in the centre of the street.  If you move to the center of the street to get a better perspective of a building, for example, please do so with caution and only if it is safe. Of course, you are always welcome to enjoy the route walking on the sidewalk where you will be closer to the many businesses that will be open during Pulse!

Riding your Bike, Skate Boarding, and Rollerblading at Pulse

You can enjoy riding at a leisurely pace (slow traffic stay to the right) or have a more brisk ride. YOU are responsible for your own speed and actions, so make sure to travel in a safe manner.  The route offers plenty to see, both at Pulse activity hubs and in the neighborhoods and business districts along the route. Feel free to hop on and off as much as you want – it may be easier to walk your bike in the downtown core where pedestrian activity will be most dense. There will be plenty of bike parking in the downtown core.

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy this event:

Be Safe!

  1. Be respectful – our streets are for everyone!
  2. If you’re biking, skate boarding, or rollerblading be sure to maintain a safe speed.
  3. Pass on the left. Slow traffic move to the right.
  4. Helmets are required by law for everyone under the age of 18, whether they’re on bikes or passengers on their parent’s bikes – and are highly recommended for persons of all ages using any wheeled activity!
  5. Children on bikes should possess basic skills, and should stay to the right if they’re moving slowly.
  6. Motorized transportation is only allowed for accessibility devices (scooters, wheelchair, etc.)
  7. Don’t use phones or cameras while moving on wheels.
  8. Be nice, stay safe, and enjoy!