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City of Peterborough Official Plan Update

How will our City grow, look, and function in the year 2041?

The City of Peterborough is in the process of completing an update of its Official Plan, a legal document which sets the vision and direction that shapes the growth and development of the city to the year 2041. By the year 2041, the City is expected to grow to a population of 115,000 people and 58,000 jobs – an increase of about 32,000 people and 10,000 jobs from 2016.

The Official Plan is being developed with input from the community. We invite you to be engaged in the process and to get involved. With your input, we can develop a plan to help achieve the desired future of our community.

Have your say in our community vision and future (the survey is available from August 9 to September 20, 2017):

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Why should I participate in the Official Plan Update?

Whether you work or live in the city, the Official Plan affects just about every aspect of your daily life – it provides strategic policy direction on the:

  • Affordability and availability of a range of housing types;
  • Transportation choice and connectivity within the city and beyond;
  • Location and physical form of housing and employment areas;
  • Location and range of community services and amenities;
  • Design of our neighbourhoods, buildings, streets, and spaces;
  • Environmental protection and sustainability measures; and,
  • Construction of infrastructure such as sewers, water mains, transit, and roads.

All and all, the Official Plan ensures the growth and development of a city is managed to balance the interests in our built, natural, economic, and social environments and sets the priorities for our city’s future.

We thank the many people who have contributed their time and ideas to the development of the Official Plan so far.

Council approval and adoption of the updated Official plan is scheduled for September 2018. There will be opportunities throughout the process at each key component of the Official Plan for input from residents and community stakeholders. Comments and feedback will assist in refining and finalizing the policies in the Official Plan.

Official Plan Update Timeline 2017-2018