We noticed that someone posted an ad on Kijiji for a Nuclear Powered Riding Mower for the low price of $685,000.00.

The ad says:

I picked up a smaller nuclear generator in the Soviet Union it runs on U 238 urainum and repowered this machine with it ! NEVER BY GAS AGAIN to mow your lawn This mower produces only 700 rads ( or the equivelent of 90 x rays for every two hours of operation) so its like a mild sun burn after a day on a beach.Tons of power to cut the tallest grass Never buy gas or oil no harmfull fumes . Or if you dont feel like mowing your lawn just park it on your grass and all grass and weeds will die out in 300 foot radious of this dandy machine .Comes with gieger counter at no charge. serious inquieries only.

View the ad posting at http://www.kijiji.ca/v-lawnmower-leaf-blower/kawartha-lakes/nuclear-powered-riding-mower/1182309869?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true