Looking for a Bus?

The City of Peterborough is selling a few buses that have been scheduled for replacement. As of this post, the current bid required starts at $2,200.00. More details below and on the GovDeals web site located at:


1990 MCI Classic Bus

Removed from service – April 1st, 2016

Current condition – Starts & runs

Reason for being auctioned – Scheduled for replacement

Maintenance Schedule – every 5,000KM – as required – with full annual safety

Fuel – Diesel

Transmission – Automatic

Cracked glass – None

Exterior – Scratches, dents, dings & rust are present

Exterior – Corporate decals have been/will be removed – Impressions may remain

Interior – Normal wear & tear

Notable upgrades – None

Notable body damage – None

Recent repairs – None

Known issues – None