Talk about a ‘vehicle for change’:
Man Using An Old School Bus To Raise A Million Dollars For Community Impact Projects Across Canada

Million Dollar Bus

33 year old man quits job, sells home and creates extraordinary social impact project to raise a million dollars and fund community passion projects all across Canada.

Ryan Lancaster would say he’s a pretty average guy, but he is doing some pretty amazing things.

In the last year, Ryan has quit his job, sold his house, and embarked on a journey to raise a million dollars and travel across the country attempting to find and fund incredible community passion projects.

The most interesting part is the way he has chosen to do this.

He has converted an old school bus into a mobile home/office, and is now selling off the entire outside real estate of his bus in 1 inch x 1 inch squares at $10 a piece.

Squares contain donor’s names, pictures, favorite inspiring quotes or business branding and will cover every square inch on the bus.

So why would anyone attempt such a crazy project?

Well according to Ryan, it’s because he is “passionate about passion projects.”

“The community passion project movement has the ability to change the lives of people across the country. Whether it’s a social, environmental or agricultural project, these are the people that are trying to create a really positive effect on their community.

The problem is that no one is helping these inspiring ventures and all too often their projects never get to see the light of day.“ says Lancaster.

“This is the goal of the Million Dollar Bus, to jumpstart projects that should exist and that can create a powerful community impact. The possibilities of these passion projects are endless and the power of helping these people is exponential!”

Lancaster spent the last 3 months renovating his bus in Kelowna, BC and then launched a campaign to raise $6000 for a local community passion project (the Okanagan Makerspace).

Ryan, has recruited a community manager, and a videographer and is now in Peterborough with his bus.

The team is hoping to highlight as many projects as they can on their journey out East and then they will spend the next 18 months fundraising for community projects as they make their way back across the county.

To support Ryan’s community initiative or to submit a project visit his website You can also go to to look at business sponsorship opportunities.

Lastly, you can follow Ryan’s amazing journey at or