Its been almost 3 years now since Margo & Paul, installed a Little Free Pantry as yet another way to give back to the community and prevent food waste. It’s their way of Paying It Forward towards others in times of need. Take what you need, Leave what you can


Margo Hudson shares where the idea for the Little Free Pantry came from.

“along with my husband, I’d like to introduce you to our Little Free Pantry set up in our front yard located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. I first saw this idea on social media. This idea is similar to the free library exchange boxes in many communities. I was immediately drawn to this idea because I knew it could make a difference in people lives in my community. My idea is to put non-perishable food items into the pantry on a daily basis. This allows those in need to take what they need and also allows those who wish to contribute to leave what they can.”


How can you help?

Your help of either a physical contribution or a cash contribution would go a long way of helping those in our community who are in need. Many of my friends have contributed directly to the little free pantry or donated gift cards from grocery stores or given cash donations. Your help in partnering with me would help me be able to fill the pantry more often and to help more in our community. The Little Free Pantry is located at 185 Crescent St., Peterborough, Ontario.


You can help your neighbours in need by donating your non-perishable food items as well. Visit