Mountain Road Productions is currently casting a new series on HGTV called I WRECKED MY HOUSE and we are looking to cast homeowners in Peterborough Ontario. The lucky homeowner that is cast for the show will receive a FREE, yes a FREE home renovation!!!!!

I Wrecked My House is an HGTV Canada series hosted by comedian Steve Patterson that features eccentric, kooky and unconventional approaches to home repairs. The series aired as a 1-Hour Special on HGTV last April and has just been picked up for 14 half-hour episodes that are set to begin filming this fall. Here is a link to a 30 second promo from the special to give you a sense of the show:

The series is a celebration of the completely unique and utterly outside the box approach to home maintenance and we’re looking for un-handy homeowners that take a more MacGyvered approach to DIY fixes in their home.

They are casting Ontario-wide to uncover the strangest wackiest, most extreme solutions to home repairs ever seen and would love to film Peterborough. They are looking to tour your town for the best of the worst jerry-rigged fixes, and highlighting one homeowner who will receive a major home renovation for FREE!

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