Urban Park

Construction work on the Urban Park at Charlotte Street and Louis Street in Downtown
Peterborough is commencing its demolition and removal phase on December 4, 2017. The
contract for the demolition and removal of a portion of Louis Street, the entire Louis Street
Municipal Parking Lot and the building at 220 King Street (former Shish-Kabob Hut) has been
awarded to Accurex Inc.

Completion of the demolition and removal phase will prepare the site for a Stage 2 Archaeology
Investigation, required in advance of deeper excavations needed to build the Park.
As part of the project, Louis Street will be widened to accommodate two-way traffic beside the
King Street Parking Garage. Once this is complete, the section of Louis Street north of the
Rivulet Apartments driveway will be permanently closed. Parking on Louis Street and in the
Louis Street Municipal Parking Lot will be permanently removed.

Construction fencing will secure the site and prevent parking and pedestrian travel in the area.
The King Street Parking Garage will be fully operational throughout construction.

The Urban Park at Charlotte Street and Louis Street is a key part of the Central Area Master
Plan. The strategy seeks to create a permanent public gathering place in the Downtown for the
benefit of the entire community.

For more information regarding the Urban Park, visit this link on
the City of Peterborough website: