Commenting Guidelines

Commenting Guidelines

While encourages feedback and intellectual discussion based on the stories posted to, there are guidelines in place to ensure all users are able to take part in a fair and respectful manner.

It is also encouraged that any questions, comments or concerns relating to the content of a story be sent directly to the author through email.

The following is a list of unacceptable behaviour for commenting on

  • Vulgar language
  • Discriminatory, racist, sexist comments
  • Threats and harassment
  • Personal attacks
  • Comments that encourage/condone violence and hatred
  • Comments that show a lack of respect toward other users, the author and/or site moderator
  • Comments that provide personal/confidential information about someone other than oneself
  • Comments that have nothing to do with the post
  • Comments that contain spam and/or business ventures, sales, distribution
  • Comments that promote illegal activity
  • Comments that promote a personal agenda, propaganda, political and/or professional gain

Any comments containing any of the above listed elements will not be approved and will instead be deleted from the queue.

Anyone who believes they are not able to follow these guidelines are kindly asked not to comment on