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Asian Carp Public Information Night

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Asian Carp

Are you concerned about invasive Asian carps in the Great Lakes and what it would mean if they established in our waterways? If so, plan to attend the Invasive Species Centre’s public information session on Wednesday March 7th, 2018 at The Venue in Peterborough, Ontario (286 George St. North).

Experts in the field of Asian carp management will be in attendance to discuss the threat of Asian carps to local ecosystems and provide information on tactics that are being used to keep Asian carps out of the Great Lakes. Representatives from the Invasive Species Centre, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and more will be prepared to answer questions from the public. This event will also feature hands on displays provided by the Royal Ontario Museum.

“Asian carps” refer to four species of carps (Bighead, Black, Grass, Silver) that are native to China and southern Russia. They were brought to North America for use as biological control in aquaculture facilities. Flooding events allowed them to escape these facilities and now these species have established self-sustaining populations, particularly in the Mississippi waterway system.

“Beyond the tremendous socio-economic cost for the commercial and recreational fisheries, the establishment of Asian carps into Canadian waters poses a threat to native species and overall biodiversity because Asian carps are likely to alter fish habitat, compete with native fishes for food and space, and act as carriers for diseases or parasites,” explains Tracey Cooke, Executive Director of the Invasive Species Centre.

This public information session aims to address public concerns about the status of Asian carps in Ontario and inform people about what they can do to help prevent them from establishing in the Great Lakes. Appetizers will be provided at the event!

The Invasive Species Centre is a not-for-profit organization that prevents and reduces the spread of invasive species in Canada and beyond by connecting with a broad array of stakeholders to catalyze invasive species management and communicate policy and science knowledge.

Asian Carp