Exploring Mansion

DaaDeeOh’s Urban Exploration Youtube video

“When I first went into the house I was truly amazed at how cool this place initially felt. Immediately to my left when I entered was an indoor swimming pool opulently made with what appeared to be a waterfall in the corner it was very cool but full of sludgy water. Going back into the interior of the house I kept noticing that the choice of the decor just didn’t seem to match one another and I am by no means a fashion critic so you let me know what you think. Keep in mind it was The late 80s The police during the raid had marked out each room of the house I’m guessing for investigative purposes you will see them taped around. The main staircase was awesome although I thought the entryway was a little close to the front door to have such a grand staircase again it’s weird to me I thought there was just some features is to didn’t belong.”

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