Date: Saturday September 20th to 21st, 2014
Location: Lance Wood Park – end of Whetung Street East, Curve Lake, Ontario K0L 1R0
This year’s theme is “Sharing Our Knowledge,  Nation To Nation

Pow Wow means gathering, or celebration.

Traditionally, families had to scatter far and wide to be able to find enough game to feed themselves throughout the long and harsh Canadian winter. The Pow Wow took place each year when families and friends were reunited to dance, drum, feast and give thanks to the Creator. Each community had its own time for gathering – Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall. At Curve Lake we still hold and annual Pow Wow, bringing together Natives and non-Natives, to honour our ancestors and uphold this sacred tradition.

Every year, the end of the summer here brings with it the annual Curve Lake Pow Wow.

This celebration consists of two days of dancing, contests and presentations, to re-establish old friendships and meet new people, with many vendors and performers in attendance. As every year, all of our neighbors from the surrounding towns are welcome to join us in most of the festivities.

Come join us and enjoy traditional foods, dances, songs and stories!

  • Sunrise Ceremony 6:00am
  • Grand Entry 12:00pm
  • M/C: Ethel Chynoweth
  • Arena Director: Robert Stoneypoint
  • Head Drum: Genaabaajing Jr’z
  • Co host Drum: Smoke Trail
  • Head Female Dancer: Liz Osawamick
  • Head Male Dancer: Lee Benson
  • Head Female Youth Dancer: Luci Taylor
  • Head Male Youth Dancer: Miigwaans Osawamick

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